One click shopping.

Fewer clicks means more transactions.

The saying “Time is money” has never been more true.
Research has long proven that the less we distract customers, the faster they complete their purchases.

And how long are your shopping forms?

Our presence
builds trust.

New customers need to learn about your store. Fill out forms, discover payment and shipping methods or create an account. Well, that's right... They don't have to anymore.

Our logo will make their life more comfortable.

The joy of shopping does not have to end on the shopping cart.

Searching and selecting products is the best part of shopping. Filling out your shopping cart details is the worst one. Let your customers skip it like they “Skip the Intro” on Netflix.

A chart illustrating the difference in the level of shopping enjoyment of a buyer normally and with SIMPLY.IN
Large online stores have accustomed customers to convenience and speed.
Can you match them?
Make sure that your store doesn't make common mistakes.
of customers find the forms long.
Lava protocols, 2019
of customers abandon shopping carts.
Baymard Institute, 2024
25% +
of customers will leave if you ask them to create an account.
Forbes Advisor, 2024
of ustomers will not make purchases again on a site that is too slow.
Increase the conversion rate in your store.
Let new clients treat you like an old friend.
Download the app.
Discover the fastest way to shop online.
Manage settings and view purchase histories.